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200 mm DLI-MOCVD / DLI-ALD machine

The Annealsys MC200 system is a CVD reactor especially developed to meet the requirements of research and development units. It is designed for MOCVD and ALD processes for deposition of metal and metal alloys, oxides and transition metal nitrides.

It allows doing heteroepitaxy of oxides on single crystals wafers (such as YBCO/LAO, STO/MgO, MxOy/LAO…) by MOCVD using a wide range of solid and liquid organometallic precursors.
The MC200 has a vertical warm wall reactor and it can receive different type of liquid delivery and vaporization apparatus as well as vacuum equipment depending on the application.

The direct liquid injection technology provides the highest flexibility for utilization of a wide range of chemical precursors for the development of new materials. The machine is provided with liquid distribution equipment that is designed according to the liquid precursors to be used and their chemical specifications.

The system is made of several elements assembled using flanges. It makes it very versatile, easy to clean and easily modifiable for custom applications.

This configuration allows the installation of optional capacitive plasma.

The machine has a full PC control system. The control system with industrial PLC and PC architecture provides a safe and reliable control of the machine.

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