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– 2012 –
September 3
September 6

International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials 2012

posted by VCi News Desk

This international meeting on high performance diamond and carbon materials will showcase the latest research and results in this increasingly critical field. Demands for energy, human health and the environment drive development for new classes of alternative systems where carbon -based materials offer great potential to play a role in [...]

VCi News Desk  Location: Granada, Spain

– 2012 –
September 6
September 7

Pulsed Plasma Diagnostics Workshop

posted by VCi News Desk

Pulsed plasma discharges are used for a variety of applications in modern industry. Magnetron sputtering and HiPIMS discharges, used for depositing layers, generally use pulsed direct current (pDC) excitation of the target and/or substrate to generate the plasma and control the layer properties. Operating frequencies range from 100’s Hz to [...]

VCi News Desk  Location: Dublin, Ireland

– 2012 –
September 10
September 14

13th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering PSE 2012

posted by VCi News Desk

Scope of the PSE Conference is fundamentals and applications of plasma and ion beam techniques in surface engineering.

European Joint Committee on Plasma and Ion Surface Engineering  Venue: Congress Center  | Location: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

– 2012 –
September 11
September 13

Retronix Semiconductor Job Fair

posted by Paul Tomei

Are you underemployed!! Is your career in need of a pick-me-up??#1 PROVIDER OF COST EFFECTIVE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS FOR THE GLOBAL SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY invites you to meet with us Face-To-Face in Upstate New York this week! Retronix Semiconductor is at the:RETRONIX CAREER FAIR – Wednesday SEPT. 12th, [...]

Retronix Semiconductor  Venue: JOB FAIR  | Location: Hyatt Place Saratoga/Malta, NY

– 2012 –
September 17
September 22

Nanomaterials: Application & Properties 2012

posted by VCi News Desk

The conference is devoted to new actual problems of modern Material Science. Among them: technology of nanomaterial production, properties of bulk and thin film nanomaterials, nanomaterial-based coatings, nanosystems and nanoparticles. The conference is focused on the applications of nanomaterials in Industry, Biology, Medicine, Chemistry and on the methods of the [...]

VCi News Desk  Location: Alushta, Ukraine

– 2012 –
September 21
September 21

6th International GD day

posted by patrick chapon

6th GD day, September 21, 2012The “GD day” is the most comprehensive event on analytical GD for material development and gathers HJY users and invited researchers for a one day scientific conference.​mission-spectroscopy/6th-gd-day/

Horiba Jobin Yvon  Venue: Horiba Jobin Yvon  | Location: Paris



September 2012

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