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High Energy XUV Monochrometer


Quick, accurate wavelength identification helps attosecond, compact EUV and high-harmonic laser generation researchersMcPherson’s grazing incidence wavelength dispersive optical spectrometer allows rapid analysis of spectral light in the ~1 to 300nm wavelength region (4 to 1200 eV.) Beside high-harmonic laser generation experiments, the Model 248/310 is also useful for measuring ion- [...]


Optics Coating Equipment

ShangHai Vakia Coating Technology Co., Ltd. 

Application: sunglasses, lens, cameras, telescopes, optical filters, lamps etc.APS/ DSC / DSLR Camera LensPTV/ Liquid Crystal Projector LensDichroic filter/ mirror, IR/ UV cut filter, AR coatingTo get anti-reflection coating layers, various of colors: rainbow, red, yellow, green, blue etc.Technology: PVD/PECVD, multiple layers.Please tell us your issue and let’s discuss, to [...]


PVD Vacuum Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System

ShangHai Vakia Coating Technology Co., Ltd. 

Highlights of Equipment:Robust Design, Large Batch, Fast Cycle Magnetron Sputtering Deposition PlantApplications:Vakia manufactures the most reliable deposition systems in the PVD coating industry. The MSC system is designed with ease of maintenance, large volume capacity. With over 90% uptime, users can focus on meeting their production demands.Typical Applications: [...]


ReelCoater PVD system (reel-to-reel)

Impact Coatings AB 

The high-productivity ReelCoater™ PVD system from Impact Coatings opens a new world of surface treatment opportunities for electronics and other applications.The ReelCoater system is designed for the special needs of the electrical component industry, where manufacturing is often performed reel-to-reel. It allows new coating materials for electronics and addresses the [...]


PlastiCoater – integrated PVD metallization

Impact Coatings AB 

The PlastiCoater™ 200 and PlastiCoater™ 400 PVD metallization units from Impact Coatings are designed to work side-by-side with injection molding machines, creating truly integrated production units for metallized plastic parts.An industry trend, e.g. for automotive components, is to move away from wet plating of plastic to environmentally sound PVD metallization. [...]


InlineCoater 500 PVD system

Impact Coatings AB 

Unlike traditional PVD tools, the unique design of the InlineCoater™ 500 from Impact Coatings makes it well suited for continuous production flows, by handling small loads at a very high throughput. Cycle times in the 0,5-5 minute range result is both higher productivity and lower cost than competing PVD solutions [...]


InlineCoater 300 PVD system

Impact Coatings AB 

The InlineCoater™ 300 from Impact Coatings provides cycle times of 0,5-5 minutes for a variety of functional and decorative PVD coatings. Speed and flexibility make the equipment highly efficient both for production and R&D.The InlineCoater 300 is e.g. used in production of:• decorative metal parts (eyeglasses, mobile phones, watches, etc.)• automotive parts• electrical [...]


200 mm DLI-MOCVD / DLI-ALD machine


The Annealsys MC200 system is a CVD reactor especially developed to meet the requirements of research and development units. It is designed for MOCVD and ALD processes for deposition of metal and metal alloys, oxides and transition metal nitrides.It allows doing heteroepitaxy of oxides on single crystals wafers (such as [...]


Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) – Consulting

Maxima Sciences 

We offer technical consulting on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). If you are planning to incorporate ALD coatings into a new product or upgrade an existing one let our ALD expert answer your questions. We can provide knowledge on commercial ALD systems, specific coatings or facilitate ALD coatings for product testing. [...]


Pre-Owned Vacuum Equipment

Yeagle Technology Inc 

Yeagle Technology Inc is the place to find the highest quality in pre-owned vacuum equipment to meet your precision requirements. We sustain an extensive inventory of bell jars and box coaters equipped with electron beam sources and/or thermal deposition sources. We also maintain a variety of load-lock, in-line [...]


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