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ReelCoater PVD system (reel-to-reel)

Impact Coatings AB 

The high-productivity ReelCoater™ PVD system from Impact Coatings opens a new world of surface treatment opportunities for electronics and other applications.The ReelCoater system is designed for the special needs of the electrical component industry, where manufacturing is often performed reel-to-reel. It allows new coating materials for electronics and addresses the [...]


PlastiCoater – integrated PVD metallization

Impact Coatings AB 

The PlastiCoater™ 200 and PlastiCoater™ 400 PVD metallization units from Impact Coatings are designed to work side-by-side with injection molding machines, creating truly integrated production units for metallized plastic parts.An industry trend, e.g. for automotive components, is to move away from wet plating of plastic to environmentally sound PVD metallization. [...]


InlineCoater 500 PVD system

Impact Coatings AB 

Unlike traditional PVD tools, the unique design of the InlineCoater™ 500 from Impact Coatings makes it well suited for continuous production flows, by handling small loads at a very high throughput. Cycle times in the 0,5-5 minute range result is both higher productivity and lower cost than competing PVD solutions [...]


InlineCoater 300 PVD system

Impact Coatings AB 

The InlineCoater™ 300 from Impact Coatings provides cycle times of 0,5-5 minutes for a variety of functional and decorative PVD coatings. Speed and flexibility make the equipment highly efficient both for production and R&D.The InlineCoater 300 is e.g. used in production of:• decorative metal parts (eyeglasses, mobile phones, watches, etc.)• automotive parts• electrical [...]


Vacuum Deposition Systems

Yeagle Technology Inc 

YTI manufactures state-of-the-art vacuum deposition systems. More than thirty years of hands on experience and extensive knowledge in vacuum technology allows our engineers to analyze your process and offer sound, equitable solutions for your requirements. We work closely with our customes to ensure design integrity as the system [...]


Kurt J Lesker: Vacuum Systems

Kurt J. Lesker Company 

KJLC remains a leader in the manufacture of fully integrated vacuum systems. We offer single chamber deposition systems or cluster tools with robotic transfer for production and research applications. Extensive knowledge of process, application, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering help KJLC to be your primary supplier of vacuum deposition equipment. [...]


High Pressure Residual Gas Analyser – HMT100-RC

Hiden Analytical Limited 

DUAL MODE RGA systems for Vacuum Diagnostics and Process Monitoring- Process Monitoring- RGA/ Leak Detection- Virtual Leaks / Desorption- Outgassing studies- Bakeout cycles- Pump Performance- Chamber / Process gas ContaminantsHiden HMT RGA quadrupole mass spectrometers a unique dual mode RGA system examination of components present in a vessel or evolved [...]


SIMS Workstation , a UHV Surface Analysis System, for thin film depth profiling

Hiden Analytical Limited 

A rugged general purpose SIMS and SNMS analysis station:- Rapid turnaround of all types of samples- Static and dynamic SIMS- Integral ioniser for SNMS and RGA- Choice of Ion guns- SNMS surface mapping / imaging- Surface contamination analysis- Quantification of matrix level by SNMS- Flexible and upgradeable configuration- Low cost [...]


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