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High Energy XUV Monochrometer


Quick, accurate wavelength identification helps attosecond, compact EUV and high-harmonic laser generation researchersMcPherson’s grazing incidence wavelength dispersive optical spectrometer allows rapid analysis of spectral light in the ~1 to 300nm wavelength region (4 to 1200 eV.) Beside high-harmonic laser generation experiments, the Model 248/310 is also useful for measuring ion- [...]


IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring System

EssentOptics Ltd 

The IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring Systems (BBM) from EssentOptics represent an advanced solution for control of vacuum deposition of optical coatings. IRIS systems are designed to control the transmission or reflection spectra, and allow for layer-by-layer correction of the thin film coating. The system is based on EOS precision spectrometers [...]


Photon RT Spectrophotometer

EssentOptics Ltd 

PHOTON RT UV-VIS-MWIR SPECTROPHOTOMETER FOR COATERSWorld’s first spectrophotometer designed for coaters.World’s only instrument to feature UV-MWIR (220-4900 nm) polarization measurement capability in a single device, a unique opportunity to get deeper insight into performance data of optical coatings.The PHOTON RT UV-VIS-MWIR scanning spectrophotometer is designed specifically for unattended measurement of [...]


Kurt J Lesker: Pressure Measurement

Kurt J. Lesker Company 

We offer all the popular vacuum gauges and gauge controllers: convection; thermocouple (T/C); Pirani; diaphragm & capacitance manometers; hot and cold cathode gauges; leak detectors; and all the ancillary inlet systems, replacement parts, and filaments our customers require. Most items can be purchased on-line, even those with a complex option [...]


Micropole (TM) quadrupole Residual Gas Analyser (RGA)


The Micropole™ Residual Gas Analyzer is one of the smallest complete mass spectrometer systems available, with the world’s most miniaturized ever sensor head. The compact size is achieved by the patented design of miniature array of quadrupole mass filters. The array offers similar or greater sensitivity than conventional mass spectrometers [...]


Temperature Measuring Film Thickness Monitor


Eon™ Feedthrough Mounted Film Thickness Monitor. A new era in thin film deposition instrumentation has arrived!The world is changing to networks running everything, and your film thickness monitor is no different. To meet this demand, others have developed simple units in place of the oscillator that connect to the feed [...]


INTELLITROL Series of Automatic Valve Controllers – AVC100

Yeagle Technology Inc 

The INTELLITROL Series of Automatic Valve Controllers provide total control of all basic vacuum operations. The microprocessor based controller provides reliable one button operation for fully automatic valve sequencing, protected manual mode to prevent mis-valving during manual operations, and service mode for complete manual operation. The intelligent layout of the [...]


EQS, a Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer bolt on SIMS Analyser

Hiden Analytical Limited 

State of the art, bolt-on SIMS probe for integration into your existing UHV surface science chamber. Applications Include: – Static / Dynamic SIMS with energy analysis- Integral front end ioniser for RGA- Composition / contamination analysis- Depth profiling- Leak detection and desorbed gas analysis- Compatible with Hiden SIMS Workstation- Suitable [...]


Hiden Ion Milling Probe – End Point Detector

Hiden Analytical Limited 

The only dedicated end point determination tool for ion etch control and optimum process quality. Applications Include: – End point Analysis- Target Impurity Determination- Quality Control / SPC- Residual Gas Analysis- Leak DetectionThe IMP is a differentially pumped, ruggedized secondary ion mass spectrometer for the analysis of secondary ions and [...]


EQP – Mass and Energy Analyser for Plasma Diagnostics

Hiden Analytical Limited 

Complete energy resolved mass speciation and mass resolved energy analysis of all species in your plasma:- Positive ions, Negative Ions, Neutral Radicals and Neutrals analysis.- Etching / Deposition Studies- Ion implantation / Laser Ablation- Residual Gas Analysis / Leak Detection- Plasma electrode coupling – follow electrode conditions during operation.- Analysis [...]


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