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EQP – Mass and Energy Analyser for Plasma Diagnostics

Complete energy resolved mass speciation and mass resolved energy analysis of all species in your plasma:

- Positive ions, Negative Ions, Neutral Radicals and Neutrals analysis.
- Etching / Deposition Studies
- Ion implantation / Laser Ablation
- Residual Gas Analysis / Leak Detection
- Plasma electrode coupling – follow electrode conditions during operation.
- Analysis through a viewport, grounded electrode, driven electrode

The Hiden EQP is a combined Mass / Energy analyser for the analysis of positive AND negative ions, neutrals, and radicals from plasma processes, featuring:

- Software controlled Ion Extraction Optics for minimum plasma perturbation.
- 45° Electrostatic Sector analyser, Scan Energy at 0.05 eV increments/ 0.25eV FWHM.
- Minimum perturbation of ion flight path & constant ion transmission at all energies.
- Differentially pumped Triple filter Quadrupole, mass range options to 2500amu.
- High Sensitivity / Stability Pulse Ion Counting Detector with 7 decade dynamic range.
- Tuneable integral ioniser for appearance potential MS with electron attachment option.
- Penning Gauge and interlocks to provide over pressure protection.
- Signal gating and programmable signal gating option for time resolved studies in pulsed plasma.
- 1000eV Option, Floating option up to 10keV, Faraday Cup for high density plasmas.
- Mu-Metal, Radio-metal shielding options, high pressure operation option.
- MASsoft control via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet LAN.

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