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Kurt J Lesker: Fluids & Greases

For almost 40 years we have manufactured hydrocarbon vacuum fluids of all grades and viscosities. Recently we introduced our new semi-synthetic hydrocarbon oil which offers superior performance with excellent chemical stability. KJLSS oil contains an anti-oxidation additive which extends the useful life of the oil. With its low vapor pressure this oil is an ideal choice for a variety of applications. KJLSS oil has a high viscosity index, which makes it much more energy efficient than many other vacuum pump oils. It has the added benefit of being able to withstand higher operating temperatures. This new oil is available in four different types, with varying viscosities.

We distribute Fomblin® (PFPE) inert fluids for diffusion and mechanical pumps, silicone fluids for diffusion pump, and Santovac for the lowest ultimate vacuums using diffusion pumps. We supply the popular Apiezon hydrocarbon greases and vacuum lubricant and, in addition, silicone and inert greases. For vacuum sealing, we offer epoxy-based and silicone-based materials. We offer Galden® heat transfer fluids for closed loop chiller systems.

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