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Photon RT Spectrophotometer


World’s first spectrophotometer designed for coaters.

World’s only instrument to feature UV-MWIR (220-4900 nm) polarization measurement capability in a single device, a unique opportunity to get deeper insight into performance data of optical coatings.

The PHOTON RT UV-VIS-MWIR scanning spectrophotometer is designed specifically for unattended measurement of optical samples with coatings. The instrument can be produced in six configurations relative to the effective wavelength range meeting individual customer measurement needs – from 380-1700 nm up to 190-4900 nm.


Polarizing and beamsplitters cubes, X-cubes
Broadband antireflective coatings
Laser mirrors and standard flat mirrors
Interference filters:
- Longpass
- Shortpass
- Dichroic
- Multi-band coatings
Prisms and wedges

FEATURES AND CAPABILITIES (no external assemblies are required):

Unique wavelength range configuration up to 190-4900 nm
Build-in broadband high-contrast polarizers covering 220-4900 nm wavelength range
Unique polarizer configuration: S, P, S+P+(S+P)/2, Random and user-defined S:P ratio for incident beam
Absolute specular reflectance measurement (R, Rs, Rp) for 8-75 deg AOI
Transmittance measurement (T, Ts, Tp) for 0-75 deg AOI
Unattended measurement and calculation of random polarization T(s+p)/2 and R(s+p)/2
Absorptance measurement of bare substrates
Built-in beam displacement compensation for angular transmittance measurement of thick samples at high angles
Unattended batch measurements of single and multiple samples
Determination of complex refractive index and layer thickness (n.k.d. parameters) for single-layer homogeneous coatings
Average R and T values for user-selected wavelength range
Integral R and T values adjusted for Type A illumination source and spectral sensitivity of human eye
Optical density of the sample, 0 – 4 (D)

Warranty: 2 years

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