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Universal Display Corporation Introduces New PHOLED Emissive Layer Material Systems

Universal Display Corporation (NASDAQ: PANL), enabling energy-efficient displays and lighting with its UniversalPHOLED® technology and materials, will introduce new red, green, and yellow UniversalPHOLED products during the 2012 Society for Information Display (SID) International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition. The new offerings include novel emission layer material systems with enhanced performance to provide OLEDs with additional advantages for smartphones, TV’s, and solid-state lighting.

“Our ongoing innovations in new materials and technology have allowed us to expand our product line-up that include new high-performance emissive layer systems for red, green, and yellow,” said Steven V. Abramson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Display. “These next-generation systems contain our proprietary, highly efficient UniversalPHOLED emitter materials as well as novel host systems. These host systems combine our proprietary, cost-effective host materials with host materials from partner companies. The advances that we continue to demonstrate in our UniversalPHOLED technology and materials are key to state-of-the-art performance in OLED displays and lighting products.”

Universal Display’s phosphorescent OLED technology and materials have demonstrated a four-to-one power advantage over other OLED technologies, resulting in record energy-efficient OLEDs. The new red UniversalPHOLED system, with CIE color coordinates of (0.66, 0.34), offers a luminous efficiency of 29 candelas per ampere (cd/A) with an operating lifetime of 600,000 hours (to 50% of initial luminance). The new green UniversalPHOLED system with CIE coordinates of (0.31, 0.63) offers 85 cd/A and an operating lifetime of 400,000 hours. The yellow system with CIE coordinates of (0.44, 0.54) offers 81 cd/A and 1,450,000 hours of operating lifetime.

Since 2003, the company has offered UniversalPHOLED emitters for commercial applications, and today offers a line of red, green, yellow, and light blue emitters for use in OLED display and lighting products. Recently, the company introduced high-performance host materials to its product line. The company’s proprietary hosts can be used alone or, as recently developed, in combination with complementary hosts from its material company partners. Designed to optimize the performance of the company’s UniversalPHOLED emitter products, these host systems have also been developed to provide cost-effectiveness in display and lighting applications.

Universal Display is the recognized leader in high-performance, energy-efficient phosphorescent OLED technology and materials, as well as related OLED technologies that deliver manufacturing and device performance advantages. With a comprehensive patent portfolio and technical expertise that cover these and other OLED technologies worldwide, Universal Display licenses its state-of-the-art OLED technologies, sells its proprietary UniversalPHOLED materials, and provides customized technology development and transfer services for its OLED display and lighting customers.

Source: Universal Display Corporation


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June 6th, 2012 at 16:47

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